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Do you have what it takes to escape?

You will be locked in a room with a small group of people. You have 60 minutes to search the room, find the clues, solve the puzzles and complete the objective in time.
You will need to use logic, creativity, and teamwork to succeed.

The Puzzlemaster

You are federal agents tracking a notorious criminal genius. It took years to find his hidden lair, now you’re moving in to capture him. But now the question looms: have you caught him or has he caught you?


2 – 10 Participants

Challenging, intense, memorable. This room is for experienced escape room participants or those looking for a challenge. Recommended for groups of 6+.

Sector 13

Your nephew has been working as a test subject for the enigmatic Cybortek Corporation. Things have gone wrong and he’s now dying. Can you sneak into their high security underground lab and find the antidote?

2 – 8 Participants

Suspenseful, dark, creepy. This adventure is in a low light environment and you may have to crawl. Recommended for older teens and adults.


Down the Rabbit Hole

While chasing your runaway dog, you fall into a large hole.  You find yourself deep underground, standing at the doorway to a strange home.

2 – 6 Participants

Fun, exciting, whimsical. This adventure is recommended for first time escape room participants.

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